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Ways to NOT do sports conditioning

Here is the shocking coaching example I personally witnessed:

I was doing some training at a gym in Raleigh a few years ago. The owner had "sports conditioning" clinics for the local junior high and high school athletes.

I walked in one day to see a junior high athlete struggling with Power Cleans, a basic dynamic weightlifting exercise.

His form was horrible, to the point I was concerned for his safety. I asked what he was doing, and offered some pointers.

While talking to the owner of the training facility, I found that this kid was supposed to do Power Cleans with 150 lbs 30 times in 30 minutes!

Folks, I am a National Level Master's Class Olympic Lifter. While 150 lbs is not a heavy weight for me, I would not consider trying to do it 30 times in a row. It is too technical a lift, and cannot be done safely for high repetitions.

Further questioning revealed that the football coach at this school required that ALL the linemen be able to do this! INSANE!

The kid I was looking at was a big kid, but a lot of his size was fat. He did not have the muscle to do that weight safely even once, much less 30 times. And, I found out he had bad knees to boot!

I got him to reduce the weight, and taught him the proper mechanics of the lift. His first comment after a couple of reps was: "Wow, this doesn't hurt my elbows any more!"

I told him to work with the lighter weight, and get his form right before attempting that 150 again.

I had left the gym, shaking my head at the idiocy of that coach, before I even realized that the kid HAD BEEN DOING THAT IN FRONT OF THE GYM OWNER TEACHING SPORTS CONDITIONING!

In his defense, the owner did not have my background in Olympic Lifting, but should still have been able to recognize that the movement being done was sloppy, and unsafe for the athlete.

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