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What is M.Y.O.B. Training?

M.Y.O.B. stands for "Move Your Own Butt"!

M.Y.O.B. training revolves around moving your body against resistance, or stabilizing your body while moving resistance, combined with Progressive Resistance Training and proven conditioning tactics.

This ties in with a catch phrase I use with my clients:

"In most exercises, the number of calories burned is directly proportional to how far your butt moves!"

In the typical machine-oriented workout, there are very few machines where your butt actually moves. You can make an individual muscle burn with machines, but you really do not burn that many calories.

The latest athletic strength & conditioning techniques revolve around a similar saying: "Train On Your Feet". The reasoning is that in almost all sports, you compete on your feet. (rowing and bobsled/luge are exceptions. Can anyone think of others?)

That's the reasoning behind M.Y.O.B. training. I train people to be functionally fit. That means being able to do everyday activities easier, and having a strength and energy reserve to react to emergencies.

Most activities involve a coordinated effort of numerous muscle groups at once. Carrying groceries up steps, picking up a child, putting a carry-on bag in the overhead bin on a plane, these all require that you use many muscles at once.

Trust me, if you can press 12-15 lb dumbbells overhead for 6-10 reps, (most of my female clients can do this, or more!) putting a 25-40 lb bag in an overhead bin on the plane is not going to be a big deal.

Back to M.Y.O.B. and training on your feet. Even on an exercise like a Standing Overhead Dumbbell Press, pictured left, in which your butt does not move, the butt and other muscles of the core/trunk complex, are strongly involved.

In the pictured exercise, your legs are flexed, your glutes (butt) are contracted, your core (abs, obliques, lower back) are contracting to support and balance your upper body. This is all from body parts that aren't even moving! On a machine, none of this would be happening.

Then there is this simple fact: the more muscles you engage at once, the more energy expended. Energy expended = calories burned.

This is why, even in gyms where free weights are used, you see more people doing curls, lateral raises, bench presses, and arm extensions, instead of compound exercises like Squats, Deadlifts, Bent Rows, and the afore-mentioned Overhead Dumbbell Presses. The reason why: they're easier! It's much easier to spend a half hour bench pressing than a half hour squatting.

If you have questions, or would like to learn more about M.Y.O.B. training, please use the Contact Form at the bottom of the page to express your interest. I will get back to you by your preference of email or phone to discuss how we can best serve your desire to improve your health and fitness.

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