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Now that I have my own Training Studio, I can be more flexible in the type of training services I offer.

Below is a short poll that will help me determine how I can best serve the fitness needs in the community.

I am currently offering 2 types of training sessions:

  • "Standard" One-On-One, hour-long Personal Training Sessions.

    These sessions are specifically tailored to the needs of each individual in regard to strength training, cardio, weight loss goals, flexibility, and any medical issues.

  • Express Training Sessions

    These 30 minute sessions are for people who have a minimal amount of time to fit exercise into their busy schedule. Same features as Standard Personal Training, just in half the time.

Please take the short poll below to express your interest. I will get back to you by your preference of email or phone to discuss how we can best serve your desire to improve your health and fitness.

Your Name:

Your Email:
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Your Phone #:

Preferred Time to Call:

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I am interested in:

Standard 1-hour Personal Training

Time Preferred am pm

Emphasis on:

(example: reducing tummy, strengthen lower back, sports conditioning, olympic lifting)

Express 30 Minute Personal Training

Time Preferred am pm

Emphasis on:

"My Knowledge + Your Commitment = Results"

Reality Workouts

Randy Long
Phone: 919-389-3386